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Mokokchung Tourism

Mokokchung is a place of immaculate scenic beauty. The district is surrounded by lush greenery and natural vegetation. The natural beauty of the place is one of the important features of tourism here.

Mokokchung is a Christian dominated area. Several churches are located in the district. Tourists can visit the churches in the district. Important among them are Mokokchung town Ao Baptist Arogo, Kumlong Baptist Arogo, Sungkomen Baptist Arogo, Alempang Baptist Arogo etc.

The important places of tourist interest in Mokokchung are the following:

Mokokchung District Museum

The museum displays the various art crafts of Ao Naga tribe such as swords, shields, shawl, costumes, traditional jewellery and so on.

Town Park

The park is located above the town centre. There is a soccer ground and a watch tower.

Longkhum Village

The village is located at a height of 1846 metres above the sea level. Handicraft and handloom items of the village are an important aspect of the village. The beautiful hills surrounding the valley are sure to catch the attention of the tourists. The rhododendron trees of the hillock enhance the beauty of the place. The eastern Himalaya and the Assam valley are visible from the village peak on a clear day. The Aos believe that the village is a place of the spirits on their onward journey to paradise.


This is the biggest Ao village. According to legends the Aos settled in Ungma after first coming from Chungliyimti.


The Langpangkong range consists of more than 15 villages. It is said that an Ahom king took refuge in this village. The cave where he took shelter still exists.


This is one of the oldest villages in the Ao region. It is situated 15 km from Mokokchung.


It is considered as a festival destination. The village celebrates the festival of Moatsu in the traditional way accompanied by songs and dances.


It is a hilly town in Mokokchung district. It is situated 40 km each north of Mokokchung and south of Tuli. The town is located at an altitude of 954 metres above the sea level. Ao tribes are the main inhabitants of the town. It is a picturesque town. From the peak of the town Melak and the Tsula valleys and numerous peaks and ranges of Naga Hills could be seen. The town has a no hunting zone reserve forest. The forest is an important bird area. Migratory falcons from Mongolia and Germany fly to the forest. The forest is a heaven for bird lovers. The place is also an ideal picnic spot. The Tsula valley facilitates fishing. National Highway 61 passes through the town.

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